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Always evaluate your Return against your Risk Holding any financial asset means a value and implicit risks: value risk, counterpart risk, currency risk, liquidity risk, operational risks, etc depending on the type of underlying contract framework and the characteristics of the market where your asset could be trade ...Read more
Is Technical Analysis alchemy or science? Technical Analysis is often referred to as "Charting" and confused with only a subset of it, those many graphical tools which were built for interpreting the market at times when computers and software were not as ubiquitous as now and were not available to traders. Te ...Read more
Retail eTrading Platforms, from FX pairs to FX and Commodities Derivatives I remember the glorious days of the .com bubble expansion, when (before the bubble itself exploded) there was an explosion of initiatives connected to banks or brokers offering new eBanking/eTrading platforms to retail customers who wanted to manage their funds and trad ...Read more
Redefine your approach: the power of distributed intelligence and Agent Oriented Programming (AOPn) Redefine your approach: the power of distributed intelligence and Agent Oriented Programming (AOPn) I still see a lot of people involved one way or another with constructing Quantitative Trading softwares who are still thinking that pure extensive Object Oriented Programming (OOP) practice will be the key choice to ensure the success of their project. They normally j ...Read more
Taxonomy of Trading Systems Taxonomy of Trading Systems Algorithmic Trading (Algo Trading), Automated Trading, Computer Trading, High Frequency Trading, are all terms commonly used to identify the use of computers to replace human traders (in part, or in total) in the execution of trading strategies, mounting and unmounting ...Read more
The Carry Trade, FX Carry and the Risks In general terms the financial carry of an asset is the return or cost associated with holding it. It can be positive (for example, a bond paying an interest) or negative (for example a commodity incurring in storage and insurance costs or depreciation of its value). A ...Read more


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